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MBean description:

Wrapper that represents an individual servlet definition

List of MBean attributes:

Name Type Access Value Description
objectName java.lang.String RW Name of the object
minTime long R 18 Minimum processing time of a request
statisticsProvider boolean RW True False Performance statistics support for this managed object
loadTime long R 2 Load time
classLoadTime int R 2 Class loading time
processingTime long R 8172 Total execution time of the servlet's service method
requestCount int R 62 Number of requests processed by this wrapper
modelerType java.lang.String R org.apache.catalina.core.StandardWrapper Type of the modeled resource. Can be set only once
errorCount int R 0 Error count
stateManageable boolean RW True False State management support for this managed object
eventProvider boolean RW True False Event provider support for this managed object
engineName java.lang.String R jboss.web Fully qualified class name of the managed object
maxTime long R 602 Maximum processing time of a request

List of MBean operations:

[Ljava.lang.String; findMappings()

Return the mappings associated with this wrapper

org.apache.catalina.Wrapper findMappingObject()

Return an object which may be utilized for mapping to this component